Cook & make healthier connections

About us

“If you get, give.

If you learn, teach.”

Maya Angelou

Our Creation

The Fearless Kitchen has been created from Vanessa’s passion for working with food and with people.

All around the world she has introduced others to her fierce love for food. Together, often without common language, she has inspired others to create memories in the kitchen. As she has navigated new countries and friendships she has been forced to re-invent herself. Finally, in NZ, she has settled into delivering impact through cooking classes to inspire.

More than a cooking class

The Fearless Kitchen is not just a cooking class. This is an experience and is created with attention to detail, a flair for understanding the corporate, an ability to draw people in and a team bonding session that surpasses expectations.

Social Impact and Change

Add to that the incredible opportunity of allowing your team to benefit from being a part of social change and you have a winning formula.

You are certainly the talk of the town today - our guys are saying it is the best team building they have ever done - thanks for making me look great 🙂
Fiona Alderton
Harvey Norman


Get to know our founder

It’s kind of hard to know where to start my story really. What I can certainly say is that I have been living a life of adventure for as far back as I know. Now it’s the chance to build better connections and deliver on my mission through positive impact.

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