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The Fearless Kitchen

recipes to share with family and friends

This is my first cookbook – I have filled this with gorgeous recipes that I love and hope you will love sharing them with your family and friends too.  The photos taken by Todd Eyre are incredible and I feel so excited to be able to finally have this cookbook with 80+ recipes ready to share with the world.

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15th May 2017

It’s almost here!

My cookbook hits shelves in a little over 3 months, and I’m so ridiculously excited to finally be able to announce the pre-order info and spill some of the details!

So here’s what’s up! You get:

  • 80 amazingly delicious recipes for that are perfect for cooking up at home when you are feeding your family and friends.
  • Easyfamily friendly and healthy recipes.
  • Lots and lots of options for anyone who’s looking for recipes that can cover every meal of the day.
  • Tips on how to make the recipes and also how to get others into the kitchen and involved.
  • Pantry basics, equipment basics and loads of help and ideas for substitutions.
  • Information on products that you may not have heard before
  • Extraordinary Todd Eyre Colourphotos for every recipe – just like these


I am truly so amazed that the day is almost here to hold this book in my hands!

I started working on this cookbook in July of last year, and there were days where it seemed like I would never be able to finish. Between all the recipe creation, testing, styling, shooting, writing, and editing, I honestly feel like I did nothing else for about 6 months of the year.

I had no idea how much work went into writing a cookbook when I first went into it, nor the amount of tears of frustration that ensued.

That being said, it’s SO worth it. I so could not have done this without a team of amazing people who took all my recipes and Todd’s photos and put them together into a gorgeous book, and definitely not without the support of my ‘gang’, followers, ‘friends’ and family.


If you’re going to pre-order or if you’re going to buy the book in stores in NZ – this will mean the world to me

Pre-order your copy today to receive a personally signed copy the moment it arrives in July 2017.

And hey – you get the special price of $35 (incl NZ shipping) too for the next month …………so don’t delay (buy a gift for someone too!)


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