10 year old Tur ‘ducken’ qua!!

What happens when a team of 10 year old soccer boys find a Masterchef Mum in their midst – well in this case they literally begged for a Turduckenqua.  Feeling that was a little excessive for mid soccer tournament fodder, but with a desire not to disappoint – I produced the home version Ducken (without the Tur or Qua!!)


The boys were ecstatic and having won all their games during the morning of their Mother’s Day tournament, it appeared the Ducken simply added fuel to their boldness around their competition.


For me, the joy in little faces was thanks enough.  To be asked by a bunch of 10 year olds for a savoury elaborate protein meal, rather than cookies or cupcakes was paramount.  To watch them devour it and leave little for their parents to taste was priceless.

Boys of the Three Kings United 10 year Rep B Team – you have done yourselves proud and I will be honoured to produce another crazy MasterchefNZ dish for you – anytime!


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