Beer and Sliders

A Senior Management team with a 50/50 split in gender.  The guys wanted the Christmas function at a formula one track and the girls wanted a spa day.  The GM was determined it should be a party for the whole group together………………so they got ME!!!!!

Light hearted was the main priority – but with a little competitive edge.

So to break the ice, I gave some blind tastings of boutique beers and assorted wines, along with ingredient and taste tests.  Mixed pairs worked their way through the different challenges, watching with keen eyes as I updated the leader board.  The home brewer in the group managed a perfect score on the beer tasting – even down to the exact brands of each type of beer he tasted!

Then came the cooking challenge.  Three of the teams took to the Al Brown and Food Truck inspired sliders with a homemade mayo, whilst the other two tackled a Christmas version of brownie, with brandy laced fruit mince.

It’s always amazing to taste and find such different varieties of flavours stemming from an identical recipe.  Interpretation, incorrect measuring of ingredients, the personal touch all played their part.

Then came the fun of eating and judging, wine and beer matching and relaxing.  As scores changed, as the judges mathematics was questioned and corrected, the winners were determined – they had not made the best sliders – but their overall knowledge kept their average high and they pipped the next competitor by 1 point!

Fun, laughter, chatter, team spirit, food and drinks………………..what more could you ask for!

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