Masterchef NZ – Episode 6

We are told it’s a ‘Chef after hours’ game.  For me, this cries dodgy – I don’t know why I that’s my instant thought, but surely, after hours of sweating it out in the kitchen, a Chef gets kind of crazy after hours? But no, actually it’s about getting back in the kitchen and cooking … Continue reading Masterchef NZ – Episode 6

Ronald Mc Donald House Family Dinner

Last night, Serena and Susanne, my two wonderful friends from Masterchef, and Karen, Trish and Nicola – my three wonderful friends from my real life, went and cooked for the fabulous families who are currently staying at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland.   We had the most amazing welcome committee on arrival with many children … Continue reading Ronald Mc Donald House Family Dinner

10th March Epsiode 5 Master Chef NZ

Its a stunning morning at our mansion in paradise, yet there are somber faces as we all take a moment to prepare for whatever may be in store at the Master Chef kitchen.  One thing’s for sure – the glorious weather will be enjoyed by others, whilst we are cooking under pressure in the purpose … Continue reading 10th March Epsiode 5 Master Chef NZ