Let’s talk Turkey

  The day before process 200g butter, 2 garlic cloves and a handful of thyme, parsley, sage and rosemary in a food processor and season with sea salt and pepper. Rub under the turkey skin, all over the breast meat. Store the turkey in the fridge. Rule of Thumb – roast the turkey 20 mins … Continue reading Let’s talk Turkey

Christmas Ham – the low down

Having had a query on what to do with ham – I really need to let you in on a little secret – since my amazing Irish friend Ger, first introduced me to ham baked in Coke, I have never gone back. I truly thought it would be disgusting. I personally refuse to drink Coke … Continue reading Christmas Ham – the low down

sweet, crumbly, mince pies

I love mince pies. They totally reminded me of my Mum’s house at Christmas time. She wouldn’t dream of buying them and makes her own gorgeous crumbly short crust pastry. They may not look perfect, and I am glad about that – because they look homemade and sure taste better for it. What I hate … Continue reading sweet, crumbly, mince pies

Exhilaration and Exhaustion – same same but different!

    I am exhausted. There, I said it. I have been running on a fresh air drug of adrenaline it seems. I wondered when I would finally wake up shattered – and today is the day. Yet, I look back on the last week and I wouldn’t have changed it. Not one bit. I have … Continue reading Exhilaration and Exhaustion – same same but different!

It’s Ok to NOT fit in

My last couple of weeks have been like an embracing of how I have often lived my life and how I love to live it.  The diversity of my activities highlights my penchant for the unique.  I thrive on the challenge of offering others a different take on a situation, I am passionate about making … Continue reading It’s Ok to NOT fit in

Take a little of my crazy and make it yours!

It is has been an extraordinary month for me, culminating in being a guest Chef at the Kenwood Stand at the Auckland Food Show and meeting non other than Annabelle White, author of 11 cookbooks, former food editor of two NZ magazines and a lover of good honest food. To go from watching Annabelle in … Continue reading Take a little of my crazy and make it yours!

Life and Theft in the burbs

I’m in Wellington for a couple of days. It is a relief to be here without the entourage of a TV crew- the only other time I’ve had the pleasure of a trip to Wellington I was still a MasterChef contestant. We had a few hours here before experiencing the Inter-Island ferry to the Marlborough … Continue reading Life and Theft in the burbs

Worlds blend as we bake together

Today I was proud to be invited to conduct a Jewish cooking class with my friend and colleague, Saatchi, at Nosh Food Market, in Auckland.  Under the lights and cameras of a TV3 production team, and as a part of a journey into understanding minorities within our country, Saatchi and I took our audience on … Continue reading Worlds blend as we bake together

A heavenly match

  It doesn’t matter how many times I conduct a class or a function.  It makes no difference if I’m being paid or donating my time.  The essential factor for me is that people are happy.  That they have walked away feeling they have acquired at least one new piece of information or at least, … Continue reading A heavenly match