Kids need to cook

Yesterday’s article in the Herald by Niki Bezzant was, in writing, what I verbalise and hear constantly as I inspire kids and teens in the kitchen. ¬†My holiday cooking programs are filled consistently with children who simply love to cook and are not being given the chance at school. ¬†Many of those who I cook … Continue reading Kids need to cook

Life is what you bake it!

I had an enquiry from a lovely listener and follower around baking this week. ¬†Her worry was around the number of recipes she kept hoping to try and the amount of sugar contained in them. ¬†I thought it might be helpful to answer a few of her queries and comments via a blog post. I … Continue reading Life is what you bake it!

Play with Food

In the NZ Herald on the weekend there was an article based on research from the UK. ¬†Without a doubt, as I read the report, I realised the study had¬†had a rather small group of pre-schoolers to analyse¬†– however, the premise that allowing kids to play with their food can result in them eating more … Continue reading Play with Food

Feeding Healthy Teens

Here in NZ it is that time following a long holiday where kids are back to school again. ¬†If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and the kids are into a later school term then you can still read on because even with Christmas I would imagine that routlines¬†have been pretty relaxed for a few … Continue reading Feeding Healthy Teens

Cooking Together – Easy

The idea of a whole family being in the kitchen laughing and smiling and collaboratively sharing the cooking process is potentially a wistful dream for most. With the crazy pressures of our contemporary society where parents are workers, housekeepers and taxi drivers, where longer school hours are punctuated with late nights of homework and sport … Continue reading Cooking Together – Easy

Together with Food

Easter at Waiheke Island in New Zealand is always special.¬† For starters there is the annual Jazz Festival that kicks off on Good Friday at the Rangihoa Olive Oil Estate.¬† This year 1000 people thronged onto the lawns, relaxed, indulged in great food truck fare, tastings of cold pressed oils and sipped on wine.¬† There … Continue reading Together with Food

Sharing a little in the magic of pasta

When the mother of a soon to be 13 year old boy asked me to provide a pasta lesson for her son as his birthday present, I was a little concerned he may not have been as excited as I was!! ¬†I love imparting the tips and tricks I have had the pleasure of learning … Continue reading Sharing a little in the magic of pasta

Labour it is – but with so much love…………….

  The inspiring author, Regina Brett, once said:¬†If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love,¬†¬†and no more evident was that, than when I attended Dean Brettschneider‘s baking class at Nosh¬†yesterday. As already indicated through my blogs and recipes, I tend to use a dough hook for kneading my bread. ¬†Inherently, in … Continue reading Labour it is – but with so much love…………….