Story Telling with Food

I am totally amazed when I meet others who are so like me. ¬†There are of course always differences. Differences in what we have achieved, or how our journey has come about, or where we have taken our passion. Yet, before I started interviewing Foodies for my podcast, I really didn’t imagine that I would … Continue reading Story Telling with Food

Play with Food

In the NZ Herald on the weekend there was an article based on research from the UK. ¬†Without a doubt, as I read the report, I realised the study had¬†had a rather small group of pre-schoolers to analyse¬†– however, the premise that allowing kids to play with their food can result in them eating more … Continue reading Play with Food

Feeding Healthy Teens

Here in NZ it is that time following a long holiday where kids are back to school again. ¬†If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and the kids are into a later school term then you can still read on because even with Christmas I would imagine that routlines¬†have been pretty relaxed for a few … Continue reading Feeding Healthy Teens

Cooking Together – Easy

The idea of a whole family being in the kitchen laughing and smiling and collaboratively sharing the cooking process is potentially a wistful dream for most. With the crazy pressures of our contemporary society where parents are workers, housekeepers and taxi drivers, where longer school hours are punctuated with late nights of homework and sport … Continue reading Cooking Together – Easy

Super Dooper Foods

These are 10 of the top super foods for Women. Here¬†are some SUPER SUGGESTIONS for you for when you get them home from the supermarket and want some creative options. Kale Slice it and throw it into a vegetable soup – think Minestrone Toss with Olive Oil and sea salt and roast for crispy kale … Continue reading Super Dooper Foods

Together with Food

Easter at Waiheke Island in New Zealand is always special.¬† For starters there is the annual Jazz Festival that kicks off on Good Friday at the Rangihoa Olive Oil Estate.¬† This year 1000 people thronged onto the lawns, relaxed, indulged in great food truck fare, tastings of cold pressed oils and sipped on wine.¬† There … Continue reading Together with Food

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll

The great thing about the Vietnamese inspired rice paper roll is how versatile it is. You can fill the rice paper with your favourite filling to create vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or regular versions. I once, had to take a hiatus from making these rice paper rolls. This was after the thousands I made along with … Continue reading Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll

Top Tips for Food Budgeting

This week I am going to be featured on the NZ TV ONE program Whanau Living with the gorgeous Stacey Morrison.¬† She and I chatted a lot as we had our make up done and discussed being busy Mums who are trying to work and hold it all together – and sometimes not achieving it!¬†¬†We … Continue reading Top Tips for Food Budgeting

Let’s talk Turkey

  The day before process 200g butter, 2 garlic cloves and a handful of thyme, parsley, sage and rosemary in a food processor and season with sea salt and pepper. Rub under the turkey skin, all over the breast meat. Store the turkey in the fridge. Rule of Thumb – roast the turkey 20 mins … Continue reading Let’s talk Turkey

Christmas Ham – the low down

Having had a query on what to do with ham – I really need to let you in on a little secret – since my amazing Irish friend Ger, first introduced me to ham baked in Coke, I have never gone back. I truly thought it would be disgusting. I personally refuse to drink Coke … Continue reading Christmas Ham – the low down