Beer Scones where you are happy to use your beer for baking

beer and orange scones, golden and flavoured with orange and sage

You may simply wish to drink your beer but this recipe will win you over and have you buying beer especially to create these beer scones. The scones are light and full of flavour and so easy to make. We have flavoured them with a great IPA, some orange juice, sharp cheese and fresh sage. … Continue reading Beer Scones where you are happy to use your beer for baking

Pancake Recipe – American style

Pancake RecipeAmerican pancake stack served with fresh strawberries and icing sugar

Try this pancake recipe for a perfect result every time. Even the kids can create these – and maybe even present them to you! Pancakes are a staple for breakfast, kids afternoon teas or a fill the gap whenever needed. Whilst the traditional American pancake tends to use sugar in the recipe, I do not. … Continue reading Pancake Recipe – American style

Beetroot Granola

Do you make your own granola? Why not? I can promise you, you will love the aroma of these grains and nuts as they caramelise in your oven. Follow our Fearless Kitchen recipe below and you will be hooked. Creating your own granola or toasted muesli is simple and far more economical than purchasing extravagant … Continue reading Beetroot Granola

The classic savoury fritter – zucchini

Savoury Fritters of corn with a fresh salad

The classic savoury fritter is a perfect go-to snack meal. This vegetarian zucchini fritter recipe can be made as is or you could add a smattering of sharp parmesan cheese to add to the flavour. Fritters are perfect for an addition to a meal, to take on a road trip, or to have stacked for … Continue reading The classic savoury fritter – zucchini