Pancake Recipe – American style

Pancake Recipe

Try this pancake recipe for a perfect result every time. Even the kids can create these – and maybe even present them to you! Pancakes are a staple for breakfast, kids afternoon teas or a fill the gap whenever needed. Whilst the traditional American pancake tends to use sugar in the recipe, I do not. … Continue reading Pancake Recipe – American style

Funky “Courgette” Fritters

Print courgette fritters Simplicity in a fritter – for breakfast, lunch, after-school or even into the lunchbox! Ingredients 1 Tb olive oil 1 shallot finely diced 1 courgette coarsely grated 1 egg 2 Tb flour sea salt fresh herbs Instructions Heat the oil in a non stick pan. Add the shallot and cook to soften … Continue reading Funky “Courgette” Fritters

Ouef en Cocotte

We love these baked eggs in our home.  It is a wonderful way to feed a crowd for breakfast or brunch also as all the eggs can be cooked at once and served up in little individual pots.  Teenagers love this! 5 from 1 vote Print Ouef en Cocotte Deliciously mourish eggs baked in a … Continue reading Ouef en Cocotte

Amore – the Italian way

Today was awesome. For me there is something so emotionally heartwarming when an Italian thinks that I am also Italian. I have felt like this since I was a Uni student and worked in Sassi’s Italian bistro in Carlton, Melbourne. It possibly at that time had more to do with his swarthy son who I … Continue reading Amore – the Italian way

Getting the family cooking pizza

Everyone knows when it’s pizza night in our house that they will be expected to get involved. This is a family occasion – the chance to have lots of little Chef like bowls lined up with all the favourite toppings prepped and ready for sprinkling. Everyone has a chance to make a pizza – you … Continue reading Getting the family cooking pizza

Double Chocolate and Almond Cookies

Print Double Chocolate and Almond Cookies As usual these just kind of happened due to what was in my pantry!!  So don’t hesitate to mix and match as you need to once you open your pantry door! Ingredients 1 1/2 cups plain flour 1 cup cocoa powder 1 1/2 cups brown sugar 170 g butter … Continue reading Double Chocolate and Almond Cookies

Venison Burgers

Print Venison Burgers I have taken the perfect pairing of venison and cabbage and turned it into a burger – my family loved it and I even made the buns from scratch!!!!! Ingredients Burger Patties 500 g premium venison mince I minced mine myself! 1 onion finely chopped 1/2 large beetroot grated 1 carrot grated … Continue reading Venison Burgers

Best Bread Dough Ever (thanks to Christina Tosi from Milk)

  Print Best Bread Dough Ever (thanks to Christina Tosi from Milk) I don’t have time to proof dough, knock it back, proof it again, have another round and wait and wait.  I am way too busy and my mind is usually on the washing, the driving, the after school activity needs and everything else.  … Continue reading Best Bread Dough Ever (thanks to Christina Tosi from Milk)