Sausage Rolls you will want to make at home.

These sausage rolls are a favourite item on the Fearless Kitchen platters and they are super simple to make. You can change around the filling when you make them at home to suit your family. You can use exotic filling ingredients or a good quality plain pork sausage. Print Sausage Rolls Ingredients Ingredients Puff Pastry 1 … Continue reading Sausage Rolls you will want to make at home.

Beer Scones where you are happy to use your beer for baking

beer and orange scones, golden and flavoured with orange and sage

You may simply wish to drink your beer but this recipe will win you over and have you buying beer especially to create these beer scones. The scones are light and full of flavour and so easy to make. We have flavoured them with a great IPA, some orange juice, sharp cheese and fresh sage. … Continue reading Beer Scones where you are happy to use your beer for baking

Sandwiches: the classic chicken sandwich

Let’s talk sandwiches. School Sandwich I gave up on sandwiches for a while – I had lived on Vegemite and Kraft cheese sandwiches at school for so long. It was the ultimate school lunchbox go to sandwich in Australia in the late 70’s.  I am sure I thought that I was cool having the cheese … Continue reading Sandwiches: the classic chicken sandwich

Mediterranean Dip: Whipped Feta with charred tomatoes

whipped feta dip with charred tomatoes

Over the weekend I tried a lovely homemade spinach and feta dip at my neighbours. This inspired me to create my own mediterranean whipped feta dip. I then found a NY times whipped feta recipe which further inspired me.  This is my take on Sarah Jampel’s published recipe though I have tweaked it and converted … Continue reading Mediterranean Dip: Whipped Feta with charred tomatoes

Curried Black Beans

Print Curried Black Beans This is a simple curried version of homemade baked beans!! The boys loved them so much that I thought – maybe someone else’s family will too! Ingredients 200 g Black turtle beans soaked over night and then boiled for 20 minutes 2 Tb olive oil 3 shallots finely diced 1 Tb … Continue reading Curried Black Beans

Chilli Jam

Print Chilli Jam I make chilli jam often. I always make it a little differently than the time before so it is hard to write a ‘true’ recipe. I was initially inspired by Christine Manfield’s recipe which I used to follow to the letter when I would cook up huge batches in Indonesia. My maid … Continue reading Chilli Jam

Ouef en Cocotte

We love these baked eggs in our home.  It is a wonderful way to feed a crowd for breakfast or brunch also as all the eggs can be cooked at once and served up in little individual pots.  Teenagers love this! 5 from 1 vote Print Ouef en Cocotte Deliciously mourish eggs baked in a … Continue reading Ouef en Cocotte