Anzac Day: The ultimate Anzac cookie ice-cream sandwich

Icecream sandwich in Anzac biscuits and drizzled with honey for Anzac Day

I began mucking around today with ideas for Anzac Day baking. You shouldn’t steer to far from the delicious chewiness that is the traditional ANZAC cookie. I did however become inspired by the thought of an Anzac cookie ice-cream sandwich. This may have been due to the tub of Kapiti camomile and salted honey ice-cream … Continue reading Anzac Day: The ultimate Anzac cookie ice-cream sandwich


An unfortunate childhood, just quite simply because it didn’t fit her, lead Nigella to retreat to books.  She didn’t want to run around.  She hated being told what it was she needed to learn.  Instead she curled up quietly and read.  She read the Brontes, but she equally read Enid Blighton.  Why should you be … Continue reading Nigella

Beer Braised Brisket

In this recipe of beer braised brisket, warm spices and dark larger wrap around the meat as it slowly sizzles to a deeply rich and flavour filled finale. If you are limited on time you can cook this in a pressure cooker. Alternatively you can have it on all day in a slow cooker. In … Continue reading Beer Braised Brisket

Kids need to cook

Yesterday’s article in the Herald by Niki Bezzant was, in writing, what I verbalise and hear constantly as I inspire kids and teens in the kitchen.  My holiday cooking programs are filled consistently with children who simply love to cook and are not being given the chance at school.  Many of those who I cook … Continue reading Kids need to cook

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Seared Tuna and Baby Rocket

Grab a packet of rice paper, sear a fresh fillet of tuna and wrap it all up for this fabulous snack of Rice Paper Rolls with Seared Tuna. The recipe was inspired by a recent trip I made back to Vietnam. I revisited a favourite restaurant in D2 in Ho Chi Minh and managed to … Continue reading Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Seared Tuna and Baby Rocket