The Fearless Kitchen: Cookbook

The Fearless Kitchen

It’s here!

My cookbook hits shelves on the 14th August, and I’m so crazy excited to finally be able to share this with you………..

So here’s what’s up! You get:

  • 80 amazingly delicious recipes for that are perfect for cooking up at home when you are feeding your family and friends.
  • Easy family friendly and healthy recipes.
  • Lots and lots of options for anyone who’s looking for recipes that can cover every meal of the day.
  • Tips on how to make the recipes and also how to get others into the kitchen and involved.
  • Pantry basics, equipment basics and loads of help and ideas for substitutions.
  • Information on products that you may not have heard before
  • Extraordinary Todd Eyre Colourphotos for every recipe – just like these

I started working on this cookbook in July 2016, and there were days where it seemed like I would never be able to finish. Between all the recipe creation, testing, styling, shooting, writing, and editing, I honestly feel like I did nothing else for about 6 months of the year.

I had no idea how much work went into writing a cookbook when I first went into it, nor the amount of tears of frustration that ensued.

That being said, it’s SO worth it. I could not have done this without a team of amazing people who took all my recipes and Todd’s photos and put them together into a gorgeous book, and definitely not without the support of my ‘gang’, followers, ‘friends’ and family.


If you buy my book – this will mean the world to me 🙏

RRP: $39.99 signed and delivered directly to your door in NZ.


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