Cooking with Conscience

Bespoke team-building activities that get real results – for your staff, for your company, and for your community.

  • Bring your team together over delicious food
  • Enhance productivity and improve teamwork
  • Nourish ‘at need’ Kiwi families every time you cook

Cooking: A team-building experience everyone will enjoy

Food brings people together. Don’t you agree?

Cooking is a powerful team-building experience that encourages communication, collaboration, and connection. Preparing food has a way of drawing everyone in (even the wallflowers!) and breaking down barriers.

You’ll be amazed at how a Fearless Kitchen cooking experience will improve teamwork, communication, and collaboration within your organisation.

At the end of a cooking event, everyone feels included, connected, and accomplished. And they get to celebrate their achievements over the delicious food they created. Bon appetit!

Getting to know the team The Fearless Kitchen feel-good factor

Our goal is to make sure every participant leaves our events feeling:

  • A deep sense of belonging within your company
  • Positive, uplifted, and confident in their abilities
  • Connected with their colleagues and the wider community
  • United by a sense of common purpose at work

We’re all about delicious food, fun challenges, and making people feel great, so you can build an engaged, motivated, loyal workforce.

team building cooking team

Cook and give back

The Fearless Kitchen is not your average cooking business. We’re a social enterprise dedicated to providing quality food for all. Your staff will love cooking together and supporting ‘at-need’ families within our community. It’s a win-win.

cook and give back together


we collaborated and created a great dish

Cooking events for groups of all sizes

We can tailor our cooking experiences for groups of all sizes.

See below for our four main offerings: Bite, Micro, Premium, and Supreme.

Bite Size cooking on site: RMHC NZ

  •  Ideal for smaller teams with smaller budgets
  • Mini packages with maximum flavour
  • Two hours of cooking fun and community impact

Create a personalised team-building cooking event at Ronald McDonald House, where children from the house will be your judges and taste testers. We’re never quite sure who has smiled more after these events: the participants or the kids.

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Micro Cooking Experience

  • Perfect for small to medium teams
  • Customised for give-back to RMHC NZ
  • Flexible locations

Bring your staff together for a fabulous team-building cooking experience with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Give food or finance to Ronald McDonald House whilst engaging your teams in a fully hosted, curated team build event with impact.

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Meet your head chef – Vanessa Baxter

Vanessa Baxter is a chef, award-winning cookbook writer, and Masterchef 2013 finalist with a degree in psychology. She believes food is the perfect medium for connection, creativity, communication, and understanding others. She has worked, lived and eaten all around the world, from heading a school in Vietnam to studying Italian in Siena to working as a private chef on Cape Cod.

She currently lives in Auckland with her two teenage sons, Chris and Morgan, sits on the Exec Committee of NZ Food Writers, and hosts The Fearless Kitchen podcast. Vanessa has no intention of ever slowing down and is an asset to corporates in New Zealand, where she creates delightful, memorable cooking events that create positive change.

"We kept The Fearless Kitchen challenge a secret from our teams as we were sure there would be push back. What eventuated was a high energy and fully engaging afternoon of cooking, connection and healthy competition which culminated in a fabulous Christmas spread. The vibe and collaboration surpassed expectations and staff rated it as one of the best events to date."
Charlotte Marshall
Director Charlton Realty, Harcourts
“Vanessa ran an engaging and energetic team build where our entire staff worked collaboratively to compete in a food challenge. The impact was clear on improved communication and connection through the school staff community.”
Simon Lamb
Headmaster, Kings College
Vanessa Baxter is just great!  She provides a challenging, yet fun and inspiring team building event every time.  We went back as it was so much fun the first time. The worry was, would it be too much of the same, but we should not have worried as Vanessa delivered a completely new challenge with new heights to scale! Well done!
Christien Winter
Director, Sheffield Auckland