Dear Paula, Kelly and Aaron……………….

Dear Paula, Kelly and Aaron

Today I leave one reality to return to another.  The drive takes 20 minutes and in that time I reflect on all those things I will miss – one way or another…………..

  • the house dog
  • sharing a room with Ella
  • Ella’s eclectic playlist
  • an awesome kitchen for playing with recipes and challenging ourselves
  • a commercial tumble dryer (loved it!)
  • ironing those aprons
  • food that appears magically in the fridge
  • flatmates who are all food obsessed
  • the babysitter doing chin ups right outside my window
  • drinks in the spa
  • debriefs in the sauna
  • refreshing dips in the pool (only after being in the sauna)
  • the view of Rangitoto
  • 12 hour days locked in the secret MasterchefNZ studio kitchen
  • black vans with instant bluetooth connectivity
  • the local Mall!!
  • beach walks
  • peculiar and unknown routines
  • the illustrious judges
  • the floor manager – calling out our stand in order and providing us with refreshments during Master Classes
  • Being miked up ALL THE TIME
  • the easygoing crew
  • Cameras
  • An abundant pantry
  • pressure to perform
  • Antipodes bottled water (addicted)
  • The other Contestants – as each one disappears it has reminded me of expatriate life on fast forward.  You just make a friend and they are gone.  Time to make another and then they are gone too.  And finally it is your turn to make the move.  Only difference here is there is no time to party and say your goodbyes.  I know though that you guys have my bottle of vodka and some limes and the agreement was to toast my absense and I know you will.

Best wishes to you amazing three left in the competition.   What a journey it has been together.  One we will never forget.  I cannot imagine how the judges will be able to choose between you and I wish you all much success as you face the next challenges together.


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