Feeding Healthy Teens

Here in NZ it is that time following a long holiday where kids are back to school again.  If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and the kids are into a later school term then you can still read on because even with Christmas I would imagine that routlines have been pretty relaxed for a few weeks  and everyone is trying to find their feet (along with uniforms, shoes, bags etc)

I  decided this was a good chance to have the healthy food chat again.  The boys will be heading into a couple of pretty serious school years and I wanted them to think through their choices of activities for the term and also I hoped to highlight the importance of some outdoor time (sunshine as opposed to screen time), a decent bedtime and eating properly.

As always, there were rolled eyes but I persevered because I know from research that you need to keep repeating and re-presenting for it all to sink in.  There is no point harping on about blood sugar levels or need for protein to support mental health either.  These are certainly important issues and ones I believe in wholeheartedly when it comes to the diet of my family – but teens will tune out if you start on at them with this sort of language.  Even vitamins will probably result in their brains linking immediately to a chewable sweet option from the Chemist.

So, in light of my fairly lame and potentially 50% successful talk with my own two teens, which I might add resulted in some grunts and flicks of hair, I decided to put together a sheet – keeping it all SO SO SIMPLE.

Then I thought, maybe there are some other parents out there who would appreciate the work I did to create this single page document to place on the front of the fridge?

Or, maybe there are even some teenagers out there who will appreciate simply having this information for themselves?

So, here you go guys – I am attaching for you my printable that will be on full display in my own kitchen.

I cannot guarantee that your teens will actually read it.  However, it will hopefully be a good reminder for the whole family.  I also cannot guarantee that it won’t be met with groans – but hey we can only try!

I love to share with you but it would also be amazing to have your feedback so please comment below if you found this helpful.

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