Following the Food

Then it was easy – follow food – everywhere. Whether is was the stealthy acquisition of menus from as many venues as I could across Europe, to being Assistant Restaurant Manager at the Intercontinental on Hyde Park Corner and at Champneys in London. It was the allure of food and the kitchens it came from that had me captivated.

Catering for family friends in Perth saw a word of mouth business develop into a boutique catering business with chefs cooking up a storm from my little home kitchen (you used to be allowed to do that!).

Enrolling in a language school in Siena saw friendships with the locals blossom and we cooked together in their homes late at night for crowds of their friends – laughter and a love of food was our common language.

A private cooking position, for now life-long friends, in Cape Cod, America opened my eyes to new influences – the need to truly season food. Which produce should be avoided – gourds! Here I gained a respect for fresh organic and seasonal produce along with a love for nature, ever changing tidal beaches, American Golden Retrievers, the fish market guys and the best fruit and veg shop ever found to this day.

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