Fresh Spring Rolls with Tuna and Baby Rocket


500g fresh tuna

chilli flakes

vegetable oil

100g baby rocket leaves

mint leaves

coriander leaves

vermicelli, soaked in boiling water, rinsed in cold water

square rice paper sheets


Heat oil in a heavy based frypan until smoking hot. Roll the tuna fillet in chilli flakes and season with sea salt.

Fry the piece of tuna fillet briefly, turning so that it is seared all over. Remove and pat with paper towel.

Prepare all other ingredients and assemble in front of you on a platter.

Dip a rice paper sheet in warm water briefly. Pop onto a flat surface. You can also brush the surface with a little water using a pastry brush so the rice paper doesn’t stick.

Place a little of all the ingredients on the bottom third of the wrapper. Bring the bottom of the wrapper up over the ingredients and roll. Set aside as you prepare the rest of the rolls.
Dipping Sauce (Nuoc Cham)

2 Tbs lime juice

2 Tbs fish sauce

4 Tbs water

1 teaspoon sugar

Chopped chilli

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