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Invest in your staff by hiring us to host your next internal team build or to entertain your top clients and we will pull out all stops to impress with our unique foodie offer.

Then we will help you to give back, by hosting a powerful event for youth in need, in Aotearoa .

Let’s work together to impact changes for the next generation


The Fearless Kitchen . is a social enterprise.

We are an impact driven enterprise, bringing a unique cooking experience to kids in New Zealand, so that they can be heroes for the day, engage with their peers in a wonderfully relaxed setting, learn a life skill, be inspired with confidence to achieve and believe in themselves and a chance at better health and happiness.
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Our Missions

We are offering genuine, engaging, focussed and tailored team building events which foster collaboration and connection through cooking and food.

We are driven by our desire to improve people’s relationships with food, to deliver our message in a fun and engaging way, and to bring a journey of healthy food choices to all.

Mission One: Community

Our events are known to positively impact all those who are involved. Children tell us how much they love working alongside their peers and learning in a unique way.

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