Bringing education and healthy food to our special Kiwi kids

We love to see mini wins as life-changing for our special needs clients. We give these kids a new perspective on achievement with full guidance on how to succeed. Our belief is that anyone can cook and we will go the extra step to ensure that all of our youth are given a chance to shine. Let’s allow our Kiwi special needs kids to grow with as much guidance and encouragement as they need. Bring us in and let’s cook together


I learned nearly everything you taught us

I learned nearly everything you taught me.  I was so surprised because I thought I was doing everything right but officially I wasn’t. So glad you came and taught us new things.

Ethan Campbell

Once in a life time experience

I have never had such a fun and exciting learning opportunity like this.

Your confidence and positivity made the experience even more thrilling and fun.

Thanks for all the tips you gave me for my future You’re a real inspiration to me and I hope to hear more from you

Shay Brizzell

I loved how you were so happy and cheerful

I learned so many things from you. I learnt how to use your knife properly and how to use all of your ingredients when you are cooking so you don’t waste them.

I really enjoyed working and cooking with you because I picked up so many tips in the kitchen and I loved how you were so happy and cheerful.


Lorren Counsell

I eventually got there in the end

I learnt how to safely cut things without harming my fingers and that is a very handy tip.  I also learnt how to make delicious spring rolls and have a heap of fun doing so.

The thing I found challenging was rolling up the mixture in the pastry because it kept falling out.  I eventually got there in the end and who needs them to look good, they only need to taste good (which they did of course)!

Madeline Bevan

You have made me want to become a cook

I did find it a little challenging taking the spring rolls out and making sure I didn’t splash anyone with oil but with you and my friends there it calmed me down and I got way better at it.

I can now go home and make this for my family. I hope they will absolutely love the spring rolls.

You made me want to become a cook so I say thank you for that.

Camden Woodroofe

first time I made something that tasted that amazing.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provided our class on Tuesday.  I can’r comprehend how delicious those spring roles are. It was the first time I made something that tasted that amazing. I enjoyed eating them at the end. Knowing all of the work that was put in to make that so good, made it even better. I also enjoyed making them with my friends, having someone doing it with you is better than doing it by myself.

Matthew Lyne

The think I enjoyed was everything and mostly meeting you.

Nicole Somers Papworth

It’s not about winning

I really enjoyed this experience because not only did you teach us how to cook, but you also gave us some very inspiring advice..that its not about if you win, or not, its about making the most of that opportunity provided. Then to continue with your passion, like you have.

Maddie Wright

That was the first proper time I had done cooking by myself

I enjoyed the whole experience especially meeting you and learning that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  And also that not every time you use a knife you are going to cut yourself.

jorja Nicolson