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Yup - I am an Aussie
Yup – I am an Aussie


Last week I was honoured to host two amazing evenings of cooking.  The clients were engaged and fabulous and I loved every minute of my time with them.  The pictures tell the story, from the demo to the cook-off – and my smile as I laughed along.  We discussed the nitty gritty of MasterChef NZ Season 4,  my dreadful accent that does no justice to my trying to present as a Kiwi chic!; my mispronunciations; my passion for ginger and chilli and my love of being an Ambassador for Ronald McDonald House in Auckland.

Teams of folk, got to know each other as they cooked up an Asian banquet.  Steaming, frying, wrapping, whisking – 45 minutes to create a masterful dinner.

Winners were declared – but no one felt left out as there was enough food for everyone to relax and enjoy!



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