It’s Ok to NOT fit in

My last couple of weeks have been like an embracing of how I have often lived my life and how I love to live it.  The diversity of my activities highlights my penchant for the unique.  I thrive on the challenge of offering others a different take on a situation, I am passionate about making everything I do world class – but the joy with each day is that it brings something so different.  While it is all about people and food, there is no way of boxing me in.  It has been suggested I need to pick one thing and push it; market it and ensure people can recognise that that is my brand.  My respomnse to that is – I taglined my brand thanks to a fabulous friend and Marketing mentor – who looked at me one day and simply said – YOU HAVE NO BOUNDARIES – how can you do all these recipes with these kids.  At the time I was in the midst of sticky little fingers creating homemade morsels of goodness in a kids cooking class.  But, that was a pivotal moment for me, one that I have to keep referring to when I wonder if all the things I do are on track.  On track with what? There are no boundaries remember – YAY 🙂



I love starting each day with something so different to do.  These last couple of weeks I have created a food based corporate team build event which was aligned entirely to the Leadership Frontier program of the brand the managers represent.  It took some work to put it together but the response was amazing and I had so much fun.  A lovely lady came to assist me in the first of a few events we will run and I was so taken aback when she hugged me at the end and said – “You are inspirational”.  I don’t think of myself in that way – but it is what I truly want to be able to do.  I want to inspire others to reach their full potential too – and if it’s through working with me or attending a workshop with me or eating some of my food and sharing in something I have created with passion, then I am so honoured and so thrilled to have had that impact on someone.

This month I have served some of my home cooked food at a gourmet store – Nosh – which has been a strong local supporter of my classes and ideas.  The joy of cooking in a commercial kitchen and watching customers enjoy my food and flavours was so exciting for me.  The opportunity by this business in having me in their store was such an honour and I almost danced for joy when I saw customers return specifically for my meals 🙂

Then Saturday, I judged a cake contest.  I stood there at one point and looked around at the cakes and all the hopeful bakers and almost had to pinch myself that I was the judge not an entrant!

My life has changed SO significantly in the past year – and whilst it is often bedlam, and there are times I wonder if I may fall apart, I do stop often and remember how incredibly fortunate I am to have the chances I have and to experience so much wonderful diversity.



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