I’m having a Josh Emmet Day


I had an inkling when I retired to bed last night that I would be having a clean up today.  I vaguely peered at the insides of my fridge and hastily closed the door, aware that it had become less than a pleasurable sight!  So when I woke this morning I was filled with a determination to have a Josh day.

Naming my days has become a habit since I was a contestant on MasterChef NZ –  and today it’s ‘Josh Judgement day’.  There are times I still have nightmares about Josh Emett and his disdainful stares at my bench space.  I used to wake in a sweat of panic that I had another challenge ahead of me, but those feelings thankfully seem to have dissipated and now it generally elicits a motivation to clean up my kitchen.  I figure if I do it with the fear of Josh looking over my shoulder, then the job will get done to perfection.

I’m not a Chef – I am a Mum and so many things tend to go on in my kitchen.  Hence, as most Mum’s do, I tend to multitask.  This is a skill set of it’s own of course, but would be regarded with contempt by anyone professionally in the food industry.  However, there are times when the state of cleanliness and orderliness eventually catches up with me too – and those are now my Josh days.  Once I start, of course, it is hard to find a place to finish.  The fridge is an awesome achievement in itself but then I find I have pulled the coffee machine apart to descale, and clean with a toothbrush.

And bottles are out of the cupboards being wiped and sorted.  I giggle at the thought of Josh Emett casting an eye over the space.  My crazy little cottage kitchen, an add on years ago to a hundred year old home, painted in a variety of shades of yellow, fitted with splashes of green tiles on one wall and blue on another!!!  This is one of those kitchens you wish could get a makeover.  Perhaps an application to “House Rules”? – though I momentarily must have forgotten that it is a reality TV show and I have pledged that I will never again appear on reality TV!

So for now I am resigned to living with my ‘funny little kitchen’, devoid of a pantry and with it’s lack of bench space.  This is where I spend my days – Josh days, Simon upbeat days, and thoughtful Ray days.  This is where my family congregates to chat.  This is the hub of all my energy and creativity.  And today it is spotless; sparkling clean and ready as a launch pad for more inspired foodie moments.

Thanks Josh 🙂

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