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Living in Asia

But it has to be Asia that has ultimately influenced my life. Love, marriage, children and cuisine. Sixteen years as expats with the fortune to live in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and now New Zealand. Our family has grown, immersed in the heady aromas and flavours that typify South East Asia. Chunks of turmeric and galangal nudged for space on bench tops alongside mangosteens, lychees, rambutans and dragon fruits. The whiffs of fish sauce that permeated our home and bursting pots of basil and coriander were fragrant reminders of the distinctive meals yet to come. In Asia, I soaked up the experience of food. From markets teeming with produce, road side venues churning out plastic bowls crammed with perfumed soups, massive frypans lightly searing lacy crepes topped with prawns, to the exotic delis harbouring imported delicacies from all over the world. It would be impossible not to be affected by food in Asia. Culture and cuisine collide. Food is life!

Being an expat is an adventure. My life appears to be a constantly evolving adventure. It seems it’s been in my make-up to live this way. So I do so with passion, vigour and a lot of emotion! What you will see is really me. I love what I do. When I choose a path I am committed and enthusiastic and above all passionate.

Over my expat years I have taught music. I have run cooking classes for children. I have taught at preschools and even had the opportunity to run a school in Vietnam – a job that saw me deal with families from so many cultures that at times it was as if the UN had come to visit. I have held workshops for expat parents to assist in adjusting to life in a strange country. I have assisted in putting together marketing packages. I have even worked for an Oil Services company to support expatriate families. And during all of this I also had my own family and moved countries and helped our children adjust time and again to new schools, evolving friendships and all that being a ‘moving family’ entailed.

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