Matakana Magic

We didn’t need a plane.  We didn’t have to lay-over.  Yet we felt as if we had been transported to Italy.  It always helps when a little Spring weather decides to come along and bestow plenty of warm sunshine and faint breezes, but I am convinced we would have been captivated anyway.

This was the perfect place to vacation with 3 generations.  The food and wine, the magical photographic opportunities, the picture postcard settings and the surprising hidden bays.  Add to that a baby bach, the ideal setting for adults, kids and a puppy.  A wrap around deck assured the views of the water, the hillside and the olive groves were all available.  The sunset was, naturally magnificent, and I swear I even heard a kookaburra – and I had no idea that they had even made it over here?!

But, of course, it was ultimately the food that got us.  The produce was divine and we were hooked.  Platter, after luscious platter – in vineyards, at dairies, at markets and at the Bach.  Cheeses, sausages, pepperoni, salmon, oysters…………..a truly magnificent array of all my favourites.

We were perpetually full.  It is simply a matter of topping up when you are confronted by so many delicious choices.  The reality is that you actually never feel hungry, but you are determined to try it all.

And whilst the food became the primary focus, I was also blown away by the people we met.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  So many people stopped me to ask where they knew me from, and we giggled over and over when they realised it was MasterChef NZ 2013.  Children were delighted, and retailers were thrilled.  I was in heaven!

This was the most blissfully easy and delicious holiday we could have asked for.  Matakana will become our ultimate contigency plan.  Any free weekend we have – you know the ones, where kids and sport don’t collide – then I know where we will head  – thank you again New Zealand – for ever reminding me of all the wonder you have to offer 🙂

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