Mission Four: Fighting Hunger

To improve childhood nutrition, we have created events that deliver food education for kids in schools

to teach children the necessary skills to safely prepare and cook meals for their families. Using affordable, nutritious ingredients, students could then visualise preparing these types of meals at home.

This kind of hands-on experience with food, cooking and creating dishes is an important experience for students, while inculcating cultural sensitivity and creating a sense of community within the group.

The knowledge of how to utilise economical raw ingredients to create a dish of ‘yummy’ food from scratch helps children to understand that food choices are available beyond the ‘fast food’ or ‘out of reach’ options they may be exposed to. ¬†Giving everyone an opportunity to learn some significant life skills equips people with the chance to feed themselves and also others in their community.


When you can bring people together to cook and eat and share, then there is a knowledge that develops and a concern for each other. Elimination of waste, trying all ingredients, learning to cook and create from raw. Life skills to ensure no one stays hungry.

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