Mission Three: Quality Education

The immediate impact is the engagement of people. The passion of working together with others, finding a common ground and thriving on team work.

This is about maximising education which comes in a variety of forms and touches people in different way.

Learning in our created hands-on environment means that kids and adults alike will retain the information and skills provided because they have had a chance to physically be involved in their own learning.

This type of learning activity ensures that everyone is present and engaged and there isn’t time or space to be distracted. Instead all participants are attentive and thrive in a setting giving hands-on experience.

Our live classroom environment also makes it easy for participants to benefit from interaction with the teacher/host and their peers and immediately be able to implement this feedback to improve.


Kids cooking together, learning from each other, focussing on tasks and full engagement in the process. Kids have instant feedback and can learn immediately through repetition and practice of the new skills.

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