Mission Two: Good Health

We offer truly bespoke events which connect people and give them an opportunity to be hands on in the preparation of really great healthy food.

Teaching people to cook in a simple and fun way is what we are all about. Breaking the barriers that many have around cooking from scratch and showing kids that even they are capable of taking charge in the kitchen.
We can influence people’s choices through showing our children how to have fun around food. Getting them engaged in the kitchen and preparing meals will give them a broader choice of options for home. Shopping for ingredients can be hard if you don’t know what to do with them when you get home. Engaging with kids and showing them what is possible, helps them to think about their healthy eating habits in a new and unique way.


Kids totally love to be hands on and be given the autonomy of using kitchen tools to chop, peel, grate and create a dish.  This opportunity leads to knowledge of new ingredients, a desire to prepare them and to try them. This leads to healthier choices at home.

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