Louise ‘Lou’ Wharton: our versatile mum

Lou is super versatile and will happily jump in to help wherever we need her. So far she has helped us with sales calls, marketing plans, platter drop-offs, platter creation and bookings for events. Thank goodness for mums who are all so multifaceted by nature.

In her younger days Lou worked in London as an account manager for a leading advertising ‘outdoor specialist’ agency.  During her time at IPM she travelled extensively meeting with clients and finding the perfect campaign sites for their product.  It was during these travels that she was introduced to the delights of different cultures and how their passions were expressed through their food.   

Lou loves cooking for her family and making sure that her home team is well fuelled for their days. She also loves to introduce new and delicious flavours for them to sample. 

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Vanessa Baxter

Vanessa Baxter is our Director. She has spent her life getting to this point where she feels at peace with creating an enterprise that builds on her passion for food and cooking, along with her life long desire to give back to others.

Vanessa (or Ness) has loved travelling the world. She has built relationships around the globe through her innate desire to communicate across cultures. She truly believes that food is the perfect medium for connection, creativity, communication and for understanding others.

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Vanessa working in the kitchen with Rose


Rose and Vanessa met over the creation of food at Taste of Auckland many years ago. Rose  had graduated from Chef school and was keen to find work to fit in around the demands of being a mum to 4 young children.

Rose is passionate about pastry and cakes and would love to one day have a business that solely focussed on her love of decorating. In the meantime she is thrilled to be a part of The Fearless Kitchen. She is a well loved mum, staff member and Chef at all our events.

Rose is determined her children will be focussed and fit and she manages a Waka team which her eldest children row in. She needs a lot of flexibility to be able to meet the needs of work and family and we are thrilled to be able to meet those commitments.


Melisha Sands: the ‘sour tart’ baking mum

Melisha discovered the Fearless Kitchen and requested to be a part of the team. She has called herself the ‘sour tart’ and produces the most delicious lemon tarts along with other fabulous baked items for our platters.

Melisha enjoys all food as long as its flavourful! Her favourite would be SE Asian as it’s all just so delicious.

She loves cooking and baking any time of the day but mostly with her 10yr old son, Luca. Luca’s favourite food is the common egg – but he loves them cooked anyway and every way.  He loves his mum’s meringues as a special sweet treat too.

Luckily his Dad, Kerran enjoys trying new foods, as long as there is meat. This means Melisha can cook to her hearts content and keep everyone happy!!

Melisha loves to spend time at the beach with her family and friends, cooking and baking with her mum & sister or just hiding away with a good book.