Lou is super versatile and will happily jump in to help wherever we need her. So far she has helped us with sales calls, marketing plans, platter drop-offs, platter creation and bookings for events. Thank goodness for mums who are all so multifaceted by nature.

In her younger days Lou worked in London as an account manager for a leading advertising ‘outdoor specialist’ agency.  During her time at IPM she travelled extensively meeting with clients and finding the perfect campaign sites for their product.  It was during these travels that she was introduced to the delights of different cultures and how their passions were expressed through their food.   

Lou loves cooking for her family and making sure that her home team is well fuelled for their days. She also loves to introduce new and delicious flavours for them to sample. 

Lou is thrilled that Vanessa asked her to join the Fearless Kitchen. She loves the opportunity to use her creative talents and to be a part of such an energetic vibe. Most important is the chance to still be present for her children when life throws challenges that need a mum to step in.

“I’m originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2005 with my ‘Kiwi’ husband Paul and two sons, James and Sebastian. It was during the boys’ primary school era that I met Vanessa, firstly as a mum of Sebastian’s friend and then as the fun loving host of a ‘Masterchef’ competition at school which Vanessa ran. I truly appreciated Vanessa’s passion for getting young people interested in and loving healthy food.” Lou