Vanessa Baxter

Vanessa Baxter is our Director. She has spent her life getting to this point where she feels at peace with creating an enterprise that builds on her passion for food and cooking, along with her life long desire to give back to others.

Vanessa (or Ness) has loved travelling the world. She has built relationships around the globe through her innate desire to communicate across cultures. She truly believes that food is the perfect medium for connection, creativity, communication and for understanding others.


In her life’s journey she has managed to acquire a BA, in music and psychology. She has lived in a myriad of countries and was appointed the Head of a School in Vietnam. In Jakarta she worked as a Family Liaison Officer for Schlumberger. In the UK she worked in hospitality at the InterContinental Hotel in London before later moving to Champneys Health Resort in Hertfordshire. Her favourite times were living and studying in Siena plus her work as a private Chef on Cape Cod.



Vanessa now resides in Auckland and is a single Mum to two wonderful teen sons, Chris and Morgan. She was crazy enough to go on NZ MasterChef in 2013 where she came a seriously impressive 4th place. She is a current familiar face on TV and a voice on radio. Her first book, The Fearless Kitchen, was published in 2017 and has won the “Gourmand award for

Best TV Cookbook in NZ” and “International Book Awards, Best International Cookbook,” in 2018. She has produced a years worth of wonderful podcast episodes with a podcast of the same title, has started her business and sits on the Exec Committee of the NZ Food Writers. She has no intention of ever slowing down.


Ness loves to share her stories as a key note guest speaker. She inspires everyone, young and old and in-between, who are a part of her event and is able to talk on a myriad of subjects. These range from overcoming anorexia; living globally; loss of a child; single parenthood; global food experiences and so much more.



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