Party Platter Preparation

Feel fearful of preparing a party platter?

It can be daunting to take a look at some of the foodie photos on social media where lusciously laden platters take over entire tables as alternatives to a meal.

Don’t despair.

They can be a simple and effective solution for easy entertaining, leaving the host to grab a drink and also enjoy their friends for a relaxed get together.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

The Four T’s for Triumph

When you create a platter at home here are 4 top tips for success……..

  • Theme is important because it will help you to keep “like” ingredients together. Think Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Meat Lovers etc. This way you will focus on flavours that already naturally fit together. One of the biggest issues with the modern ‘grazing’ food is that people are messing with putting too many ideas onto one space and it just doesn’t work.
  • Texture is vital. Ideally you can create interest with a variety of soft, crunchy, hard andĀ smooth. For example, with a smooth dip, have some crusty grissini; pair a soft cheese with crusty bread or cracker; hard cheese with slivers of ripe pear.
  • Taste is undeniably the key ingredient. The way to ensure you get this right is to buy ‘in-season’ fresh produce. In hotter months try to create a platter of fresh fruits and vegetables with nuts and other wholesome snack style foods. (NB. you don’t want foods that sweat such as sliced meats and cheeses in hotter weather.)
  • Temptation is about feasting with the eyes. Start creating the platter by positioning your larger items first. Fill in the spaces with smallerĀ ingredients. Use miniĀ bowls andĀ dishes to hold items and separate flavours. Add flowers or herbs to decorate.

For further ideas check out our recipes for Pesto, Pepita Dip and Energy Balls

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