Ronald Mc Donald House Family Dinner

Last night, Serena and Susanne, my two wonderful friends from Masterchef, and Karen, Trish and Nicola – my three wonderful friends from my real life, went and cooked for the fabulous families who are currently staying at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland.


We had the most amazing welcome committee on arrival with many children super excited to meet us and have the chance of having photos taken with us.  To be a part of their excitement was a thrill.  With oodles of questions to answer and under pressure from the children to get their dinner made ‘on time’ we set to our task.  Some of the children came and joined in with salad preparation, others just came to have a chat and a photo.  Some asked who the judges were going to be – it’s you we beamed back.  Many parents came to see what was happening and to let us know how much it meant to them to have someone else cook them dinner.  Everyone we came across was positive and enthusiastic and to meet such everyday people dealing with formidable circumstances and still able to offer a smile was truly humbling.

Our own small concerns of the day slowly melted away – they were so inconsequential in comparison – and we realised that people at RMDH are coping with situations that most would find insurmountable. Cooking up a storm in their kitchen was a way of giving something small – creating something different for them to focus on for a wee while – a diversion from the painful, difficult lives they are currently leading.

To cook for others in such an environment was an honour.  It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of these families’ lives for a brief moment.  Families, many torn apart by sickness yet gracious and pleasant and grateful.

To all those families at RMDH – thank you for allowing us to come and cook for you.  Thank you for your open faces, for chatting with us and for your heart felt appreciation.  We loved sharing a moment with you and are honoured to have been able to share our food with you.
Our thoughts and love are with you all………………………..


  • Tuna Patties with coriander, parsley, lemon and garlic served with tomato chutney
  • Fresh noodle and vegetable salad with soy, lime and chilli (recipe on website)
  • Sausages and bread with Tomato Sauce
  • Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream
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