Why do you want to run kid’s classes?

I was stopped by two gorgeous women this morning as I was walking my dog and they asked the question – here is pretty much what I told them!

I truly believe that whatever it takes we should let our children get into the heat of the kitchen.  I love to watch them smell, taste, touch and discuss the food.  There will be mess but the best bit is encouraging the creativity, exploration, fun and sense of achievement.  I think that kids should be encouraged to have a go on their own – so I let them try out their own ideas – I think the more they are involved the more they wish to try what they have produced.

Once they are engaged in the process they become inclined to try new flavours and often surprise themselves with what they like.  Having studied educational psychology I believe there could not be a more interactive life learning experience than cooking.  While they learn to make a meal they will also experience some maths, sequencing, reading and science.  On top of that they will learn patience.  Most importantly, they will leave the class proud of their accomplishment, with confidence in what they have produced and hopefully with some new found healthy eating habits!

Then I came home and discovered a file of photos from RMHAuckland in my inbox that seemed the most perfect visual response to the same question…………………………I am sure you will agree!

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