MasterChef NZ – settled!!

New Zealand – this is a whole new adventure and we are finding our feet, in a different more established way. Yet, the desire to be not only immersed but surrounded with food has only flourished. My boys – all of them – are sharing in the cooking. Junior Master Chef has invaded our home and it’s no longer simply a matter of icing cupcakes but more an overseeing of two young boys who take to the chopping, frying, smoking and experimenting in the kitchen.

IMG_3852At the encouragement of my family I applied for MasterChef NZ Season 4.  A crazy process that found me accepted and beginning a journey that I never could have begun to imagine.  Cooking for 3 eminent Chefs was not something I had considered – and now I seemed to be doing it frequently!  Moving away from home for 71/2 weeks was heartbreaking but the experience of being a part of MasterChef was extraordinary.  At times overwhelming and at times simply good fun – it was a once in a lifetime adventure!!  Wearing my heart on my sleeve – I cooked my way through the challenges – at times stressed, at times in tears and at times with a steely determination – and with fortitude and resilience I made it all the way to the Top 4.  Leaving the MasterChef NZ kitchen was  bitter sweet – I had so wanted to make it to the end – to win would have been an amazing achievement.  But going home and seeing my boys filled me with joy – and I knew that I would never stop cooking.  It is my life.

I love to see that my passion has overflowed into our family home. Our meal times are an evolution of all the flavours and dishes we have learned to love and those we still test and evaluate. The influences of the countries we live in and the families we have met from all over the world are very evident at our table. Our life together is shared at mealtimes. This is where we share food, stories, laughter and love.

This is how it should be!

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