Sushi Making Masterclass with Vanessa

Today at Big Kids we had a visit from chef Vanessa who gave us an amazing sushi making class.

Beginning the class

To start with Vanessa brought out some vegetables – carrot, capsicum and cucumber.  She asked the children if they knew the names of the veges and their colours, and they called out the answers confidently.  Next Vanessa brought out some crinkly cutters.  She described to the children how we can cut safely by using “crab fingers” and “bridge cuts”.  Crab fingers involve curling our fingers up on the vegetables, so they are out of the way of the blade.  Bridge fingers can be used when we want to chop something long in half.  Everyone tried out the cutting techniques on the vegetables, cutting them into long, thin strips for sushi, using the wavy cutters.


 Cutting Techniques

While everyone was practicing cutting Vanessa gave us some great tips.
“Is the carrot a square?” she asked.
“Nooooo!” the children all shouted.
Vanessa explained that because it was round we could cut the edges off to stop it from rolling, which made it much easier to cut into thin strips.
We also discovered that carrots were much harder to cut than cucumbers and Vanessa explained that because carrots were not as soft you had to be stronger to cut them.