Story Telling with Food

I am totally amazed when I meet others who are so like me.  There are of course always differences. Differences in what we have achieved, or how our journey has come about, or where we have taken our passion. Yet, before I started interviewing Foodies for my podcast, I really didn’t imagine that I would discover so many passionate souls, who genuinely live and breath for food.  There have been times in my life where I have felt a little of a failure in being so obsessed and unilateral with my ambitious passion for my love of food.  However, when I interviewed Dean Brettschneider and he declared that he was determined to live his live being consumed by the things that made him the most happy – food – then I felt strangely comforted.

In meeting Kelli Brett, the admired editor of the illustrious Cuisine Magazine, I felt a little intimidated until we both shared a glass of wine over our podcast chat and I had to concede how similar our lives and thought processes are and have been.

When I chatted with Nadia I felt as if I was in a discourse with a younger me, however sadly I can’t at any point claim to be a millionaire several times over – nor have I been named one of the most influential women in a country (although I was named as such by my former school which actually was pretty cool)

When Trudi Nelson spoke faster than I do on my podcast I resolved that she genuinely was as crazily loud, vivacious and passionate about food and media as I am.  She may have lost that Aussie accent but she also loses that voice-over tone when she gets excited too!  And I know that feeling!

When I finally stopped shaking with nervous anticipation and remembered to breath, I adored chatting with Peter Gordon.  We met at Bellota, and hung out outside in the sunshine.  It was hard to believe that this man truly fits everything into his life that he claims to – yet we know he does.  There is only one reason you could be totally absorbed in your business and your give-back – when it is your passion – and his is food.

I started my podcast to have a chance to have a voice and to share the journey of others who love food, with the world.  It has become so much more.  It hasn’t come easily because finding guests and being able to diarise them in for interviews takes often times months and in some cases, a year.  There are also those who are not so giving of their time and make it quite a mission for me to chase and track – but I will get there in the end.  I do this because I am pretty determined myself and once I start something like this I have no intention of giving up.

If you are not yet a podcast listener, it would be fabulous to have you try out an episode or two and see what you think.  It hasnt been easy to bring this together and it is not funded either – BUT it is my passion. The team at Global Podcasts have been extraordinary too.

Below is the link and how to listen – and please if you get a chance share feedback on FB or itunes or here so I know what you love …….


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