Supermarket Antics

I have a love hate relationship with the supermarket as I guess most shoppers do.  There are times when I actually have time to wander and enjoy seeing any new products that are on the shelf and when I congenially smile at every other shopper near by.  Naturally, there are possibly more times that I am in a rush, and the desire to just charge through becomes a mission.

Today, I stood at a vegetable shop outside my supermarket to determine if I could get away with buying some produce from them and thereby avoiding joining the throngs entering next door. In the brevity of contemplation I had a pang for my ‘downfall and guilty pleasure’ – liquorice – so decided to attack the supermarket along with the masses.

The bins of sweets are side by side with the healthy grains and nuts, all of which are just beyond the vegetable section.  Whilst I was collecting my cauliflower for a good healthy salad, luckily I became conscious of some children staring at me and whispering to their parents. As this happens quite a bit, I felt it was quite likely that they had recognised me, which left me in a terrible predicament.  Do I self-consciously help myself to the liquorice all-sorts at the bins, and totally destroy any type of ‘healthy image’ I have managed to project – or do I simply pass the bins by?  Well, I did what any crafty person may do, and I helped myself to a bag of natural almonds, whilst I waited for them to pass.  As I sealed the bag, a youngster tapped me from behind and asked “Are you the Vanessa from MasterChef?” – and as I smiled guiltily (with huge relief) at him and his two sisters  I happily and confidently replied and chatted with them for a few minutes.  Then I walked away without my liquorice, because it just felt wrong!!

At the express checkout I proudly popped my healthy basket on the belt and paid for my goods. As I was due to walk away I realised that the lady behind me was fretting and trying to find her money/card or wallet in a variety of pockets.  She seemed totally stressed and when I spoke to her I realised that she also had no teeth, and that all she wanted to buy was a rockmelon.  I smiled at her, explained to her that this had happened to me many times before, and paid for her fruit.

I figured the money was better spent on fruit for her than on liquorice for me!!!!!!!!!!

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