Banana and Pistachio Cake

  Print Banana Pistachio Cake A moist and delicious banana, date and pistachio cake topped with honey and cacao icing. Ingredients 175 g unsalted butter cubed 200 g plain flour 4 tsp baking powder 100 g muscovado sugar 2 eggs 3 tbs honey 250 g mashed banana 100 g pitted dates chopped 50 g pistachio … Continue reading Banana and Pistachio Cake

Yoghurt, Ginger and Banana Cake

Print Yoghurt, Ginger and Banana Cake This is perfect when you have too many bananas going brown in the fruit bowl.  Don’t hesitate to switch in honey or another syrup if ginger isn’t your favourite.  Also substitute a fruit yoghurt if you wish to.  This is really lush and moist – truly hard to stop … Continue reading Yoghurt, Ginger and Banana Cake