Beetroot Granola

Do you make your own granola? Why not? I can promise you, you will love the aroma of these grains and nuts as they caramelise in your oven. Follow our Fearless Kitchen recipe below and you will be hooked. Print Beetroot Granola Creating your own granola or toasted muesli is simple and far more economical … Continue reading Beetroot Granola

Beetroot and Pistachio Salad

Print Beetroot and Pistachio Salad This is a wonderful salad to make if you only need small portions.  Hand grate the beetroot rather than using a processor – it gives you the real sense of the salad being raw and wholesome. Ingredients 1 beetroot peeled and grated 1/3 cup roasted pistachios shelled (weigh after shelling) … Continue reading Beetroot and Pistachio Salad