Team Building: hand in hand with Ronald McDonald House, Auckland

Perhaps you are looking for a unique way to motivate, inspire and improve communication within your team?

RMHA_Logo_heart_lockupCorporate Team Building events at RMDH, Auckland, mean you can give to a great cause whilst also encouraging teams to compete in friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Vanessa Baxter and RMDH Auckland can create a team building event for your company with a difference!  With a background in psychology, marketing and education and with a passion for food, Vanessa can skilfully host your event.

Through a chosen group cooking challenge, your teams will learn the value of working together whilst having plenty of fun.  To further nurture the bonding experience within your group, Vanessa will create MasterChef style food recognition challenges to test your knowledge and help you add points to the score board.

Challenge options can be tailored to suit the needs of clients but the most popular to date have included the following:

  • Baking Challenge – create a unique brownie with ingredients found in a selective pantry
  • Cooking Challenge – create a selection of “wrap and roll” appetisers using a base recipe and your creative imagination!
  • Blind Taste Test of a pre prepared dish – name all the ingredients
  • Sight and Taste Test of Unusual Ingredients
  • Chocolate Taste Test to determine specific contents/percentage of cocoa etc
  • DSCN1682Cheese Taste Test to identify the cheeses into categories

The enthusiasm at the team events is infectious and at the culmination, participants will not only have a new-found camaraderie but will be able to share their delicious food with the families of RMDH Auckland.  (You can expect a number of children to come and join in for the judging also!!)



DSCN1715A recent client, ASB Wealth and Insurance, had a wonderful and engaging experience with us at RMDH, where teams made their choice of brownies which were judged by the ever eager youngsters who had followed the process intently from the sidelines!


“The team really enjoyed the event and the experience. It certainly gives us more of an appreciation of the success you had in the Masterchef series Vanessa. Not sure how you coped with the pressure of the cooking/baking, being up against the judges as well as being away from your family for so long. I have much respect for you.

Some of the comments I received back on Friday were that they have never had such a great time in a team building exercise ……………………Thank you!!”

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