Top Easter Platter and Sharing Ideas

Easter Sharing Ideas

Easter is a wonderful food occasion whether you are heading into Spring or heading into Autumn.

It is a family occasion but if you are far away from family, create your own. Neighbours, orphans, friends, friends of your children. Have them over and utilise these platter and sharing hacks to create spreads of food to feed the masses

morning tea

Create a snack platter the envy of your friends and family who are far away.

Cook up a batch of mini cupcakes and ice them with the #1M tip for a gorgeous floral pattern. Find our easy-as icing recipe here.

Make up a batch of egg, cream cheese and parsley sammies and pile onto an oval platter with the cupcakes around the perimeter. Decorate with fresh flowers and some yummy mini eggs for fun.

main course

It is a festive time so be festive. We created this little salmon idea with a papaya or tamarillo salsa because it is both delicious and looks gorgeous. The wonderful benefit of a sharing plate is that you do not need to serve a wedge of salmon per person. Add to the meal with rice, fresh vegetables or a gorgeous colourful salad and some crusty bread. Find the salmon and salsa recipe here

hot cross bun pudding

If you feel like turning the already delicious Hot X Bun into something more decadent, or end up with left overs after Friday then this pudding is totally divine. We used a recipe from Farro Fresh here in Auckland but had a little play with it. See our version here.


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