The Fearless Kitchen.

We are committed to helping women return to the workforce after looking after their families. We offer a flexible environment for all of our team so that they can continue to put their children first.
We also give back extraordinary cooking experiences to our Kiwi youth in need, to promote quality education, food for all and healthy eating across the community.

Impact Details



Connections create positivity.
Cook and connect the community.

  • support Mums with a chance to re-enter the workforce in a fun and flexible environment
  • connect to communicate and understand others, young and old
  • connect to bridge communities and cultures
  • be flexible and fearless in trying something new
  • be open to life long learning about people and food
  • create with fresh and seasonal ingredients promoting healthy choices
  • present and communicate to others to promote confidence
  • encourage Mums to educate and create healthy food at home
  • show kids how cooking can build creativity
  • cook with kids to broaden their knowledge and experience
  • watch kids shine alongside their peers as they thrive in a hands on learning environment
  • give kids motivation to succeed and desire to thrive


From director Vanessa Baxter

Every platter tells a story

Order one of our freshly curated platters for your next corporate or festive occasion. We love being creative and sourcing the most flavour filled, seasonal options for your event.

If bespoke is more your deal then get in touch. We can’t wait to create something just for you

The Fearless Kitchen . is a social enterprise.

Invest in your staff by hiring us to host your next internal team build or to entertain your top clients and we will pull out all stops to impress with our unique foodie offer.

We are an impact driven enterprise, bringing a unique cooking experience to kids in New Zealand, so that they can be heroes for the day, engage with their peers in a wonderfully relaxed setting, learn a life skill, be inspired with confidence to achieve and believe in themselves and a chance at better health and happiness.
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Our Missions

We are all about creating beautiful food and flavours just for you. We are also about ensuring that Mums have a chance to thrive at work, to give flexibility where needed, to hear what is important and to provide support as required.

Mission One: Community

Our events are known to positively impact all those who are involved. Each of us here is a Mum and we love to support each other and impart our genuine enthusiasm for healthy, fun, fabulous food with our community. Including our children!

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Mission Two: Good Health

Good health is more than just having access to medicine. It is about a healthy attitude, a supportive environment and a chance to thrive and feel nurtured. We offer this at work to ensure it is translated through our food and at home with our children.

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Mission Three: Quality Local Ingredients

The immediate impact is the engagement of people. The passion of working together with others, finding a common ground and thriving on team work. We will source locally and create relationships with other Kiwi businesses trying to make an impact too.