The Fearless Kitchen.
Cooking for the community

Whilst our individual lives have changed with COVID19 our collective journey to nourish our community has continued. 

We know you and the team may not be comfortable grazing from sharing platters for a while so we are ready to cater for you in a more intimate way! With our earth friendly boxes in stock we are ready to deliver individual lunches and munchies or drop off platter boxes filled with individual items.

Let us know because we would love to support you on your journey too.



We are a dedicated team of mums and we need support at this time to be able to stay in business. We would love you to order from us so that we can continue to support our community with jobs along with our complimentary kids cooking classes online.

We are passionate about creating extraordinary food experiences

We take no shortcuts in our kitchen

We continually strive to improve our services

We offer seasonal menus to reflect our local Kiwi produce

We work on a “purpose over profit” model – caring for women through targeted employment

We cater to order to ensure we do not have excess product and aim to keep our food wastage to a bare minimum

We are committed to utilising platters and boxes that are reusable; recyclable or recycled and in doing so hope to leave a small footprint on our environment

Perfect catering for every occasion

Order our mini platter boxes to treat your staff, your family, your team or your peers. 

We love being creative and sourcing the most flavour filled, seasonal options for any occasion.

Contact Us to Order

We have been on this journey too and would love to help you nourish yourself and those who matter


The catering was fantastic, the group had such a lovely afternoon and thank you also for the wee treats – what a lovely surprise
Janelle Tynan
Personal Assistant, GGM, AirNZ
“It was AMAZING  and everyone was raving about the quality, presentation and tastiness.
Dr Sean Barnes
Director - Social Procurement, Akina
Thanks very much Vanessa for the great job you did at this event. It was much appreciated and noted with some really good feedback from attendees.
Tina Rutherford
EA, Negociants NZ

Our Mission

We are all about creating beautiful food and flavours just for you.We are also about ensuring that Mums have a chance to thrive at work, to give flexibility where needed, to hear what is important and to provide support as required.

When you order from us your food is made with love by ‘mum’

Lock in your date for 2020 catering now.

We are a small team and everything is made to order and our platters are subject to availability

Fearless Fruit Platter

Fruit platter

A stunning selection of seasonal fruits presented so that each piece is easy to reach and eat. Order now

Corporate Canapé Platter

Canape platter

The canapés platter is perfect for after work drinks or an alternative lunch choice. We create after discussions around dietary and flavour requirements. Order Now

The Sweet Tooth

sweet treat platterA gorgeous artful selection of our mums’ home baked treats. Perfect for a morning tea or special occasion. Order now

Level 2 at The Fearless KitchenNourishing Food for home and beyond

We have been cooking up homestyle Family Food for our community and would love you to try it out too. Nourishing and comforting family friendly food for the Whanau. We communicate via What's App and send out the Chef's menu in advance.

For Corporates we have put together a wonderful selection of food options which are nutritious for providing much needed energy at this time. Simple and easily tailored for individual packaging - email us or phone us to place an order.